Wedding services
FestaMusic Grup - Casaments

Why Festamusic Grup?

· Because the musical selection we offer is very wide, ( from the sixties, seventies, eighties and to the most recent music), letting all the audience attending to make your party perfect.

· Because assembly is simple and we can bring our equipment to any place.

· Because the quality of our equipment guarantees the best sound and lighting.

· Because our prices are the most competitive.

And, as alternatives and complements to the Mobile Discotheques, we have our entertainment service, Orchestras, Singers, Student Tunes, actors, clowns, and our special shows.

At FestaMusic Grup we think that the sound of a wedding should be special because we ara aware that this is the most important event of a couple. It is clear that without music, a marriage link would not have the character of Great Celebration, so we try to take care of all the details and we always make a customized program, which we choose in an interview with you, so that the banquet and the later party be successful.

You choose the musical themes for the entrance, cake, toast and the first dance. Of course also the ambient music during the banquet and those special songs that you want to hear during the dance.